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Who We Are

Seamless Asphalt Repair is a fresh face in Alberta's infrastructure market. Founded as an avenue for filling a gap in local asphalt repair and maintenance services (Albertans know too well the annual spring rim-busters that often become familiar obstacles by August), Seamless Asphalt Repair seeks to provide Albertans with economically and environmentally sustainable solutions. Whether you manage roadways, commercial lots, driveways, or pathways, our team is equipped to provide long lasting repairs and extend the life of your asphalt surfaces.

We believe in innovation as a driving force for improving life for all Albertans, and are excited to offer the latest in infrared technology to create truly seamless pothole repairs that last longer and look better than other repair methods. We work with sealants that meet industry standards and comply with local regulations, and our sealcoating services protect asphalt surfaces and extend their life.

Seamless Asphalt Repair is founded by Steven Sanders, a Westlock resident, husband, and father, with years of experience in road maintenance services. In connection with industry partners, Steven is committed to staying abreast of new developments in technology and practise to ensure that Albertans have access to the best solutions for their asphalt needs.

To find out more about how Seamless Asphalt Repair can provide you with solutions, contact us today, or request a quote.

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