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Big or small,

Repair or maintenance,

We've got you covered.

Infrared Pothole Repair

Using the latest technology, infrared pothole repair exceeds all other asphalt patching methods in quality and appearance, while reducing environmental impact and increasing cost effectiveness long term. Infrared repairs are virtually dust-free, making for higher air quality during repairs on your property, and reducing business disruption. Our approach assists our clients in managing their assets and maintaining safety; we are committed to seamless patches, seamless service, and real solutions.



The pièce de résistance of asphalt maintenance, sealcoating is a preventative emulsion application that is specifically engineered to bond with asphalt, and can extend the life of asphalt surfaces by up to three times its expectancy. As an added bonus, sealcoating rejuvenates the appearance of asphalt to its glossy black, helping our clients achieve their presentation goals.


Crack Sealing

Cracks are harbingers of further damage if not repaired proactively. Water seeps into cracked pavement, causing potholes through freeze/thaw cycles, and even damaging the underlying foundation. Vegetation can take root in cracks, leading to further damage. We offer crack sealing as part of our commitment to support our clients in maintaining their asphalt and avoiding costly damage.


Line Striping

Clean, bright lines are an essential part of parking lot presentation and safety. Lines need to be repainted annually to maintain motorist safety and keep your lot looking properly maintained.

As part of our commitment to quality, we provide proper cleaning and preparation of asphalt surfaces prior to repair and maintenance work.
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